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Nam Hwaryeong had always loved tranquil Korea with its beautiful, famous forest. It was a place where she felt depressing. While sitting criss-crossed in front of a sparkling blue lake, a polaroid of her and an older male stood posing for the picture. Her free hand clenched until her knuckles turned white. Hwaryeong had to fight for him. She was a malicious and deranged teenager with a curvy body and skinny legs. Everyone saw her as a dangerous descendant of the Nam clan. The reflection of the bright rays bounced off the waters and into her now red irises.

A boy with his dark hair stuck upwards, revealing his forehead was lying on the perfectly trimmed grass. He looked so determined. He lay on the other side of the large lake, eyeing his polaroid picture of a young girl and him. His name was Jung Hoseok. His eyes stood glued to the young girl as his irises too flashed, but yellow. The black mask covering his nose and mouth came adjusted by his long, slender fingers. By the way it seemed, his jaw clenched in anger when he saw the stunning features of the girl. He became stoic.

Hwaryeong and Hoseok were so much alike in everything. Many clans in Korea thought they were counterparts made to be one, but Nam and Jung clans were rivals. How can that be possible?

The girl mumbled to herself, settling down the photo onto the soft green grass. Hwaryeong lifted her head up to gaze at the exquisite sky. The sun was brightly shining from above, lighting up the earth. Hoseok stared at the lake across to find a minuscule silhouette placed. He squinted to make it out but sadly cannot. His eyebrows furrowed, he immediately stood. It could possibly be one of his clan members, he assumed.

“Hey!” he yelled, enough to make an earthquake. Hwaryeong darted her eyes to the tiny figure. "What the hell do you think you're doing?" Hoseok's eyes squinted at her ant-like shape, breaking into a sprint to get to Hwaryeong. Hoseok's feet were light as feathers, dancing on the water as he inched nearer and nearer to the other side.

Them both knew it was time to make things equal once and for all.
Congratulations to me for actually finishing this drabble from quite a while. insert faint clapping here
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February 6, 2016
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