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Random Box by Stella-Sunshine56 Random Box :iconstella-sunshine56:Stella-Sunshine56 0 0
Mature content
Bring Back What's Ours (Seokjin and Jungkook) :iconstella-sunshine56:Stella-Sunshine56 2 0
Imagine 2.0: Long Time, No See
It was that time of month where the rest of the members would have their day off. You were bouncing in your seat in joy to see your brother once again; before a few months ago and now, your hands were clasped together with your elbows plastered on the wooden table.
The strong smell of coffee filled your nostrils with the sound of people chattering as usual. The huge glass window next to where you sat had ranged from couples to parents with their kids walking on the streets.
You were waiting for him.
It wasn't not too long ago until the bell rung, signaling that someone had entered the shop. Sighing tiredly, your lips met the edge of the coffee cup, sipping on your caramel macchiato. From the corner of your eye, a tall man in black from head to toe was looking down at you. He was finally here, you thought.
He took a sip from his cup and slid into the seat across from you. "It has been a while..."
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Imagine 2.0: Valentine's Dinner
As soon as you received his letter from Namjoon, he bowed and whispered to you, "Have fun maknae." He led you to an expensive Italian restaurant in which Namjoon grinned his infamous dimple smile and left you. You didn't know what was going on, but your gut went through it.
Pushing open the doors, you heard soft guitar playing in the background as well as the deep voice your heart beat to. Kim Seokjin. He appeared with a suit and bowtie, looking all suave and neat. His hair was perfectly styled and you thought it was one of the members who did it. In his hand lay a plastic white rose in which he had the perfect excuse not to buy you a bouquet.
"I was rushing and was almost late, forgive me," with a perfect smile.
Rolling your eyes with a small grin adorning your features, you said, "I don't care. As long as you're here."
Inside he was all fluttery and jiggly, but he kept his swag and chill on the outside. It was one if those romantic days when people would go out and have their dates a
:iconstella-sunshine56:Stella-Sunshine56 1 0
Imagine 2.0: Photographer
Taehyung was casually posing for the camera like an expert, as for you the photographer, obviously capturing it with your expensive camera given to you. You were an intern for this job and since the person you worked for wasn't here, it was time to put your skills to the test.
It so it happened to be on the day BTS was filming their Japanese version to I Need U. You were a hardcore A.R.M.Y, you had to admit. Your eyes were laid on Taehyung, but that did not mean the other six members were blocked out from your sight.
Specifically Kim Taehyung.
He was all dressed up in the song's concept as well as the boys. You were nervously shaking because hello, your ultimate bias is right here in front of you... however, you had to keep your cool since you had to be a pro about this and how you want to earn this job so badly. Instead, you pushed away your fangirl feels temporarily to focus.
Taehyung struck many poses which hit your heart like Cupid did when you first seen on your bias. Internally,
:iconstella-sunshine56:Stella-Sunshine56 2 0
Late Valentine Card by Stella-Sunshine56 Late Valentine Card :iconstella-sunshine56:Stella-Sunshine56 2 2
Imagine 2.0 (Taehyung ver.)
♪♪ Taehyung sending pics of himself with this smile on his beautiful ass face with a short and sweet message.
“Ddong, I miss your ugly face”
"Fack you big bro and btw i will be eating all of your snacks rn"

♪♪ Taehyung walking in on Jungkook confessing to you on Valentine's Day with that fake af surprised look on his face. He’s like, “Damn, lil sis. It’s about time you got a boyfriend.” And your hand is ready to slap the shit out of him but you can't because he's older than you. Then he walks away smirking to himself knowing you cannot do anything about it.
♪♪ Taehyung sending a selca of himself in his cute Rilakkuma mask and his fingers are covering his nose with this message:
“Ddong, I can smell you from Daegu to Seoul. ╮(
:iconstella-sunshine56:Stella-Sunshine56 1 0
Drabble #3 (Namjoon)
His hot breath tickled her ear, making her body stiffen up.
"Jakyung, my child. Why have you returned to my humble abode?" The mere silence of the grand bedroom did not help her raging heartbeat. Not a single blink of light peered into the room, everything was boarded up; from large windows to the smallest crevices. Despite the place she was standing was pitch black, Gu Jakyung had one thing in her eyesight.
Kim Namjoon.
His deep voice only rang through her ears, "My beautiful lady. I have truly missed you." Namjoon's cold and pale arms linked around Jakyung's petite waist and dug his face into the crook of her neck.
She felt like her legs were converting into jelly. Her upper lip was sucked in, lightly bitten. She always had been submissive to him, like a slave to her master. Was it because she had strong, living feelings for him or something else?
She was ready to protest, but to her surprise it did not come out as expected. Jakyung loathed the way Namjoon has her wrapped arou
:iconstella-sunshine56:Stella-Sunshine56 1 0
Drabble #2 (Hoseok)
Nam Hwaryeong had always loved tranquil Korea with its beautiful, famous forest. It was a place where she felt depressing. While sitting criss-crossed in front of a sparkling blue lake, a polaroid of her and an older male stood posing for the picture. Her free hand clenched until her knuckles turned white. Hwaryeong had to fight for him. She was a malicious and deranged teenager with a curvy body and skinny legs. Everyone saw her as a dangerous descendant of the Nam clan. The reflection of the bright rays bounced off the waters and into her now red irises.
A boy with his dark hair stuck upwards, revealing his forehead was lying on the perfectly trimmed grass. He looked so determined. He lay on the other side of the large lake, eyeing his polaroid picture of a young girl and him. His name was Jung Hoseok. His eyes stood glued to the young girl as his irises too flashed, but yellow. The black mask covering his nose and mouth came adjusted by his long, slender fingers. By the way it seeme
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Hidden Feeling Inside
The security guard approached prisoner 6310’s cell and grabbed his ring of keys. As he finally found the right key, he inserted into the lock; twisting and turning it until there was a click heard. He opened the cell with a small squeak on the floor from it. He saw a tiny figure sitting on the bed, her converse-covered feet were firmly planted on the ground and her petite hands were neatly folded on her lap. It may seem like she was a life-sized doll from that position. The girl’s attention seemed to be focused on her hands.
“Miss Park, you are free to go,” the guard’s deep voice ricocheted off the four rotted walls. Hearing the voice, she looked up at the muscle man with a deathly glint shining in her dark brown orbs. The bed creaked eerily as the girl slowly stood like a robot, strands of cascading dark locks framed her porcelain face.
Park Jimin was arrested for committing homicide when she was fourteen years old. Back when Jimin was a child, she was al
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The Silly Crush
A girl with gleaming chocolate eyes and shoulder-length black hair was glaring hard on the person in front of her.
“I don’t care if you’re like that. Just don’t use those eyes on me again.”
She smirked triumphantly. “You know what, Namjoon?” The person in front of her whose name is Namjoon shot her a blank look and cocked an eyebrow.
“What now, Hyunjin?” He crossed his arms and slumped back on his seat.
The both of them were chilling in the school cafeteria, students chattering as usual. Namjoon, Hyunjin’s best friend in the whole wide world, was sitting across from her and always, always impatient. Little did Hyunjin know, but Namjoon sort of has a crush.
Hyunjin leaned in forward, like she was going to tell a secret to him. “This is the first day of middle school, I should start a relationship with an eighth grader!” She sat back in her seat, squealing like an idiot while Namjoon processed this through his
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Horror!BTS Series
Eat Jin
He always loved to eat, from the beautiful smell of fresh flesh.
The Other Side
Surviving the zombie apocalypse leaves you with someone trying to find you. Desperate to kill.
A Ghost's Charming Smile
It was all fun and games until someone tries to sell you a cursed mirror.
Pink Monster
Rumors spread about the mansion in the middle of nowhere. Curiosity kills the cat, they say.
Being Friendly Kills
Gleaming blade, deceive and gain her trust.
Welcome To Hell
Maybe summoning a demon was a bad idea...
His smile was always meant for you. This way, you can be his forever.
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The Question by Stella-Sunshine56 The Question :iconstella-sunshine56:Stella-Sunshine56 3 0
Mature content
The Irresistible You (Chapter Two) :iconstella-sunshine56:Stella-Sunshine56 0 0
Drabble #1 (Jimin)
The pleasant sound of rain pitter-pattered on the foggy glass, like fingernails on the sturdy window pane. Her lips parted as a sigh escaped from her lungs and on to the blurred picture of herself. Clear trails of wet tears stained her porcelain cheeks as her glassy eyes reverted to the dark green wallpaper of the unlit room. She sniffed, her slender legs trudged to the queen sized bed not too far from there.
Knock! Knock! Knock!
The voice of her only best friend worrying through the thick mahogany door was heard. She sat on the comforter, listening to him with a bored expression washing over her face. “Hey, it’s Jimin. Your mom called me earlier today to come see what the problem you’re having. Are you okay at least? Don’t leave me out here.” The sound of the handle jiggling through the other side filled her ears besides the soft sound of rain. His voice came back up, “Please open this door so we can sort things out!” Her jaw clenched a
:iconstella-sunshine56:Stella-Sunshine56 3 0
Truly Yours (Chapter Two)
"Hey! It's our bunny maknae!" Jimin called and wrapped his arms around my waist, breathing in my scent. I shivered a bit. I wasn't used to skinship that much.
Seokjin rolled his eyes. "Give her to Taehyung, he deserves it." His arm yanked me back to where Taehyung was standing and my face turned red for a second. I swear to God, he is like the only person to make me feel like this besides Hoseok.
Jungkook shook his head at Jimin's childish behavior. Namjoon chuckled as Yoongi rolled his eyes. I piped up, "Who's ready to go in the club?" I needed some time to think and reflect on tonight. That bastard. I just called up Yoongi, Namjoon, Jimin, Seokjin, Jungkook, and Taehyung because I knew they would be up for this kind of shit.
Once again, Jimin linked his arm with mine and went inside the nightclub together. Me somewhat being oblivious about Taehyung, he didn't like it when Jimin was being too clingy on me. Seokjin knew what the situation was even though he didn't even ask.
Jimin dragg
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𝕎𝕙𝕖𝕟 𝕝𝕚𝕗𝕖 𝕘𝕚𝕧𝕖𝕤 𝕪𝕠𝕦 𝕝𝕖𝕞𝕠𝕟𝕤, 𝕪𝕠𝕦 𝕣𝕖𝕒𝕕 𝕚𝕥.


Also the other 94 names were taken by zarla Also the other 94 names were taken :iconzarla:zarla 2,756 301 Mystic Messenger Halloween - 707 - FanART by Eirlysie Mystic Messenger Halloween - 707 - FanART :iconeirlysie:Eirlysie 191 11 Haaaaiirry Baby by PeruGirl199 Haaaaiirry Baby :iconperugirl199:PeruGirl199 91 7 Stupid adorable Seayoung by PeruGirl199 Stupid adorable Seayoung :iconperugirl199:PeruGirl199 139 16 Character Unlocked: Reapertale Kitten by CNeko-chan Character Unlocked: Reapertale Kitten :iconcneko-chan:CNeko-chan 397 79 The Strongest Timeline by CNeko-chan The Strongest Timeline :iconcneko-chan:CNeko-chan 228 31 Character Unlocked: Underlust Kitten by CNeko-chan Character Unlocked: Underlust Kitten :iconcneko-chan:CNeko-chan 351 52 Severed Bonds by CNeko-chan Severed Bonds :iconcneko-chan:CNeko-chan 155 30 Police Yoosung by PeruGirl199 Police Yoosung :iconperugirl199:PeruGirl199 99 4 Mighty and powerful GODS by PeruGirl199 Mighty and powerful GODS :iconperugirl199:PeruGirl199 290 31 Chibi Blossom - Diary of princess by G3N3 Chibi Blossom - Diary of princess :icong3n3:G3N3 69 13 I love you Holly~ by viannilla I love you Holly~ :iconviannilla:viannilla 9 9 Blues by viannilla Blues :iconviannilla:viannilla 104 18 Ah, Transfer Student, Welcome~ by viannilla Ah, Transfer Student, Welcome~ :iconviannilla:viannilla 27 15 All men are Wolves - Zen (Mystic Messenger) by TashaChan All men are Wolves - Zen (Mystic Messenger) :icontashachan:TashaChan 121 10 Seven'S Chips : Mystic Messenger by TashaChan Seven'S Chips : Mystic Messenger :icontashachan:TashaChan 1,095 80
💎♞  𝕄𝐮ⓈĮς 𝓉ό 𝓂y 𝑒ᗩⓇs  👤☺


My God... three years pass by so quickly in a blink of an eye. For me, it was just a bit slower. I remember the times when I would obsess over the Powerpuff Girls and its anime. Those were the days ><

Right now, I can see that I matured in the span of those three years I have been on DeviantArt besides the fact that I cringed at my young self until now, that I look back at it. I am in high school and things have opened my eyes more. I attempted to draw some OCs back then, but I completely failed at it lol.

I met my badass cousin  :iconanimarga-chan:  through my mom's Facebook and I would like to say that if it weren't for my mom, I would have never found her DeviantArt and probably be a loser today lmao. She's basically the only mutual member in my family that I ever talk to OTL.

I also went through a lot of fandoms, some I completely still hug close to my heart and ditched lol sorry but it's all good.

UNDERTALE: Sexy Flowey! Icon  I'll probably go rn since school started OTL pEACE
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