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“E-excuse me?” I shamelessly stuttered. Prince Taehyung grabbed me gently by the arm and dragged me out of the theater. I did not expect this kind of treatment at all. I thought it would be a nice and slow harsh whipping.

Out of the blue, Prince Taehyung pulled me to a dark room with nothing but a window shearing small bits of sunshine out. Now I was freaked out. My heart once again beaten faster seeing Prince Taehyung here. Since it was an abandoned room, I started to panic. His hands locked the door and I could barely see his face. I hated the dark. It felt like I was lost for a reason. I heard footsteps come my way and before I knew it, I was pinned to the wall. In front of me, I could see Prince Taehyung’s close face inches away. His eyes were looking straight into mine. For a second, I felt time freeze.

He was leaning in close and his hands went to pin my hands to the wall beside my head. His lips came into contact with mine. I didn’t know what to do since this was my first kiss. After watching all those dramas, I managed to kiss back. Prince Taehyung’s lips were soft. He held both my wrists with one hand while the other slid up my shirt, giving me goosebumps as he grazed my smooth skin. I never thought of this, but his touch was intoxicating the moment he did.

My mouth let out a slight groan. Prince Taehyung’s hands went more up, almost touching the bottom of my chest. Alarms in my head went off and I was mentally screaming. Between my legs, there was a sudden wetness. I never felt this way before. A new sensation at the very least. His hands went up to my black lace bra in which his hands went under and cupped it. I shamelessly let out an open moan, which made his tongue enter my wet cavern. He explored every crevice of it and then we fought for dominance.

He pulled away from me with a strand of saliva trailing from his mouth to mine. We both wiped it away, mine being a bit awkward. My eyes were glued to the ground next to him and I was frightened because of him forcefully being onto me like that.

“I apologize for my actions,” Prince Taehyung spoke in a quiet voice. I looked up a slight bit and back down. Instead of replying back to him with words, I did it with actions. I am young for this, but who cares anyway. My palm cupped his cheek and I yanked him back to my lips. He was astonished at first but he got used to it after. My hands were placed on his chest and my leg unconsciously lifted up to his waist. He then grabbed my other leg and wrapped it around him. Now Prince Taehyung lifted me up to the wall, never breaking the intense kiss. My hands were now on his shoulders. In the process, I could feel something hard in between my legs. I swear it wasn’t the warmness.

He pulled away again and began to walk to the table near the window. Prince Taehyung placed me on top and used removed my cardigan. With my hands, I let down my ponytail and flipped my hair to the back. From the corner of my eyes, I could see him lick his lips. Being a perverted person, my hand went to rub the tent in his pants. Prince Taehyung grunted in response and I smirked victoriously.

I leaned in closer and whispered in his ear, “Tae, you like that right?” It was the first time I didn’t call him “prince” or “Taehyung”. It felt weird, but it sounded right in my ears. He only groaned in reply, grabbing my hand. His free hand grabbed my chin and made me look into his deep, dark brown eyes. In the light, it was shining brightly. His dyed orange hair made his manly appearance more better. Even though he was six years older than me, I had this desire for him.

“Tell me. Do you like Hoseok better?” That question made my heart stop. I wanted to ask why, but instead he grabbed my left arm which was occupied with Prince Hoseok’s bracelet and stared at it with jealousy. I was in awe; all this time, was he jealous of his own hyung?

I blatantly said, “Needless to say, I love all the princes equally.” My voice had no hesitation and had pride. It really is true. One who don’t love a prince dies in the Capitol cell in the basement. He stared at me as if I grew another head.

Prince Taehyung just looked at me with a deadly glint in his eyes. All the blood rushed to my head and I felt like fainting on the spot. Was he really questioning me about this? My mouth didn’t dare to speak up. Either way, I could die just because of a truthful sentence. Besides, I really didn’t know what to do.

“Well? Tell me.” His tone was impatient and his grip on my wrist tightened. I winced in pain and I tried my best not to show any vulnerability. He would pity me if I did.
He would stop if I just told him. My voice was quivering. “No. I like you. Just you, Prince Taehyung.” He released my chin and my limb. I would’ve complimented that his strength was so strong.

I kept my mouth shut to refrain from saying anything informal.

Prince Taehyung stood a foot away from me and I could see him smirk again. It was more of a mischievous one. He slowly walked back to my figure and placed himself in between my legs and he was so close, my nose sniffed his manly scent which I really like. He placed his hands on my hips, while my hands were back on his shoulders. We had stared into each other’s eyes again, I felt like turning away and looking like a fool again. Out of all the teenage girl population, he just had to drag me here into this room. Right here. Right now. To be honest, I feel very lucky. Dirty thoughts had not only invaded my mind; despite the closeness between Prince Taehyung and I, there was a sudden connection in which my heart was leaning towards him more. I’m guessing that this was the punishment from Prince Taehyung.

I was curious about what the other princes have in store for me. I’m expecting Prince Hoseok’s punishment all the way. I hope it doesn’t involve losing my v-card.

As we arrived in the main hall in the Bulletproof Capitol, I was trailing behind the princes like a lost puppy. Prince Yoongi noticed my loneliness and strutted over to me, swinging an arm over my shoulders like we have been best friends for a long time. I tensed up a bit since I don’t do skinship at all. I glanced up at him with a shy look and he gave me his signature gummy smile which melted a lot of girls’ hearts. That meant myself also.

With his arm still on my shoulder, he led me to where the rooms were located. My thoughts were giving me a migraine just by standing here with Prince Yoongi in a close proximity.

“Yang Sihyeon. Nineteen years old. Out after midnight and stealing J-Hope’s bracelet.” His words snapped me out of my daze and my mouth somewhat dropped open.

“How did you know my name and age?”

He shrugged. “I know your name when you came up to the stage. Your age? You look seventeen.”

My expression wasn’t surprised one bit. Prince Yoongi has his swag and he probably asked Prince Hoseok about me. All royalty never look up their peoples’ profiles unless they want to check their background and everything.

Why am I an exception?

He stopped walking and so did I. His face turned to face mine and I just looked away again. I hated having eye contact with people since it always made me feel uneasy as well as others too. Prince Yoongi’s hand was on the door handle and swiftly opened the door with a single movement.

I was surprised to see all seven princes’ eyes all on me with a welcoming expression. Prince Taehyung seemed to be laying handsomely like a model on the black and green bed. Prince Yoongi let his arm off me to sit in between Prince Jimin and Prince Jungkook. I was gaping at this new area. It was even bigger than my own room back at home! In the corner of the room, I could see chains hanging. I didn’t even want to know what that is for anyways.

“How do you like it?” asked Prince Namjoon. I was entirely speechless at the sight. It was a lot of black and green. My ovaries were exploding with excitement. I was turned ON. It also meant that I am going to leave my mother alone. I would love to live here in the Bulletproof Capitol, but I don’t want to let my mother live in the house all by herself. I also don’t want to speak up.

I replied nonchalantly, “It’s perfect.” Just two words made all of them yell with enthusiasm. I chortled softly on the side, sheepishly rubbing the back of my neck in a cumbersome way. Prince Jungkook and Prince Jimin grabbed my two limbs and hauled me over to where Prince Taehyung was in a tranquil sleep on my new bed. I can’t help but ogle in awe at his peaceful figure. It seems so captivating.

“Ooh, little maknae has a crush!” cooed Prince Jimin, earning a slap on the back from Prince Seokjin. He grimaced at the sudden pain, but he laughed it off. My cheeks were flushed which I never did before. Another uproar in my life. Great.

Prince Taehyung shifted in his sleep, but instead Prince Jimin pushed me towards his frame and my body fell on top of him. I came down upon his torso whereas my right hand was on where the sun doesn’t shine. Again, I was mortified at it and I unconsciously pulled my fingers together to make a fist. He slowly grunted. Then a warm hand came and pulled me by the forearm up back to my feet.

Prince Hoseok came into view and his hopeful expression wasn’t there. All was left was pure dislike in his irises. He held my arm up like Prince Taehyung did earlier.  

So they really have a rivalry against each other, I thought. I never thought that one of royalty would hate. I mentally took note on this.

He looked at Prince Jimin with warning and a hint of death in it. From the corner of my eye, Prince Jimin flinched in alarm to never mess with me ever again. I wondered what made Prince Hoseok defensive of me.

The leader stood up and indicate that all members must go in order for me to have alone time. All of them left. Only one stood behind and that was Prince Taehyung. He was still in my bed. I made sure that all of the princes was gone so I could climb into my bed. Since none of their appearances were here, I made my way up the bed at a slow pace to not abruptly wake him up.

When I spoke, it was almost inaudible. “Why are your untroubled sleeping features so cute?” I silently laughed to myself. Right after like five minutes of staring, my eyelids immediately shut.

Poke. Poke. Poke.

“Hyung, she’s not waking up.”

“What? Is she dead?”

A smack could be heard. “You idiot. How can a dead person breathe?”

I stirred. My mouth opened up to let a big groan out and I stretched my arms above my head only to get my wrists being grabbed again. Then I felt someone straddle me. Someone breathed on my lips. Peeking one eye open, I could see Prince Hoseok dangerously close to my face. When I gasped, he put his lips to mine. My eyes were wide as saucers. As time passed, I relaxed and kissed back. My legs unknowingly went to wrap around his waist. I could feel something stiff poking my clothed sex. I was shocked to see someone a higher class than me be hard for a lower class like me. It was Prince Hoseok. To my surprise, his lips were utterly soft. Now I got two princes that made out with me.

He pulled away, looking directly into my eyes. I was full of shock and eagerness. All he said was, “Yang Sihyeon, because of your crime you will have no choice but to work for us.” Does he have to be so blunt about it?!

I shoved him off of me, rubbing my wrists as I tried to avoid looking at him in my peripheral vision. “I really have to, do I?” I mumbled, throwing my feet onto the wooden floor. “Prince Hoseok, can you please give me an exception?”

“Why are you calling me prince? You know here in the Capitol, you can call me J-Hope or just Hoseok,” he sighed. “I don’t want any of that ‘prince’ crap.” All this week, I keep perceiving secrets from the princes. So, Prince—I mean Hoseok doesn’t want to be one of the group.

I looked over a bit to see him sit on the edge of the bed, his back facing me. I felt bad for him for an unusual reason. Deciding not to interrogate him any longer, I stood up and proceeded to my walk-in closet. Without noticing, Hoseok’s gaze was on me observing every action I make. I had to admit, they have fashion sense. Hoseok stood up and walked past me, grabbing clothing to his taste. As I sat on the black chair, he threw the clothes to me. Am I attending a funeral or something like that? It was all black and sexy for me. I like it anyways. A crop top, a miniskirt, and some heeled boots.

“Wear that,” he said, crossing his arms over his chest as I looked up. I opened my mouth to object, but I closed it. Nodding, Hoseok left and I stared down at the clothing. It might be freezing in this, but it is his taste not mine. I took the time to fix my hair at least.

After minutes of debating on whether to wear or not to wear, I finally chose to dress in it. This attire felt really awkward on me since I never wore this type of garments on before. Neither heels. I practiced my balance and sort of got the hang of it right after many failed attempts.

At a snail’s pace, I dawdled out of the closet and back into my room. As I sauntered my way over to the tall body mirror; I not only saw a dissimilar person in the reflection, but a nubile me. As I was busy admiring myself in the mirror, another figure shown up and wrapped his arms around my waist and buried his face into the crook of my neck inhaling my scent. Noticing who it was by the orange hair, I immediately said, “Taehyung, what are you doing?” I felt like dropping the formalities since I was allowed by Hoseok. Also, I had no idea what is up with them touching me. Like seriously.

He murmured against my skin, making it almost impossible for me to hear him. His lips kissed the sensitive spot on my neck which made me almost moan out loud. His fingertips were grazing my exposed torso which made me shiver. This intense feeling got my heartbeat up. I later felt him biting that same place which made me gasp. Obviously he was going to leave a mark for everyone to see.

“Damn Sihyeon…,” Taehyung mumbled, pulling away and moving the strands of my hair away from my neck to smirk in victory. His lips came close to my ear. “Don’t hide that mark or else you’re earning your punishment.” Oh God, just hearing that husky voice makes you turned on right away.

My eyes shut as I nodded my head in response. As usual, I was a dirty-minded person. “How long have you ever been near a girl, Taehyung?” My right hand was on his growing bulge. His hands grazed downwards to my thighs and his touch sparked a thousand watts. I had to stifle my moans as his lips were back on my skin. He left light kisses from below my ear to my shoulder. On the inside I was mentally screaming for him.

“It has been a long while,” Taehyung spoke indistinctly. He pulled away, winding his arms around my waist once again. We both stared at our reflections for a little while until the door squeaked open. My head pivoted to the left where I could see Hoseok standing there with resentment reflecting in his eyes.

Taehyung glared at Hoseok with a pompous smirk dancing on his lips. His grip on me tightened. All I could do was run my fingertips over his smooth skin.

“Get your hands off her,” spoke an infuriated Hoseok. Taehyung merely shook his head in response. “Do I have to pry Sihyeon off of you?” His voice sounded menacing and hostile at the moment.
Taehyung retorted back, “Why should I? She’s mine, not yours.”

Hoseok was practically growling at him. “Prove it.” The ball of sunshine was gone.
He spun me around to face the angry prince whose arms are crossed in front of his chest. Taehyung brushed the hair covering my neck and showed the mark he made before time. I felt slightly sorry for Hoseok.

Before I could speak out, I felt Taehyung’s warmth being taken away and heard a thud. Turning around, I saw Taehyung on the ground with his lip bleeding. I saw Hoseok with his fists balled at his sides. He got up and wiped the red liquid from his lips, chuckling. I felt my entire body shaking in fear. How could…?

As soon as Hoseok’s fist came down for another strike at Taehyung, I felt myself getting hit in the face. Taehyung catched my frail figure and looked down at me. He brushed the stray hairs out of my face and glanced up at Hoseok with rage burning in his eyes.

“You’re going to regret hitting her, hyung. You know I will be the one who will take her virginity away."

“Hey, it wasn’t all my fault. Yoongi was making silent humming noises.”

He opened his mouth to protest, but Jimin beat him to it. “You want the princess to wake up to me? I know I am a sex god and all, but—”

“Cut it out with you being a ‘sex god’! You know that won’t be possible because you haven’t done it.” scolded Seokjin with a stern tone.

I sat up, holding my sore cheek in hand. A soft fabric was placed upon it. A voice spoke up, signalling that it was Hoseok.

“Look, Sihyeon. I’m sorry that I hit you. It wasn’t on purpose, actually…” He stared down at the ground as he spoke to me softly. “It hurts my pride as a prince to hit a girl.” I exhaled and stood up wanting to hear nothing else, I wrapped my arms around Hoseok. He tensed a bit, but slowly got used to my warmth. Hoseok rested his chin on the top of my head.

I let down my arms, pulling away but his grip on my waist tightened. “Hoseok, you can let go now,” I whispered to him. Automatically, his strong arms slid down back to his sides. Backing away slowly, I bowed to him in respect. Taehyung was biting on his lower lip in response to the little scene. Jimin was grinning slyly at Taehyung’s expression as his gaze got fiercer. Seokjin had been a bit oblivious to Hoseok staring straight at me like prey. Yoongi was talking up with me trying to sleep with him, of course I wasn’t going to anyway but I'm just trying to butter him up.

“No thanks, Yoongi,” I spoke. I had no time dealing with guys who want to sleep with me. I playfully shoved him off of my bed. He faintly chuckled to himself as he strutted out the door with his usual swag demeanor with Jimin behind. He shot me the “I`m next baby” look. I rubbed my eyes as if I just woke up.  I was still in the sexy top and skirt, and the boys kept staring at my feminine figure and I suddenly felt like prey in a lions’ den. My jaw clenched and I hid myself under the comfort of my covers.

I felt a dip come beside me and my cheeks were flushed. Shuffling of feet was being heard. Then silence engulfed the room for minutes until a deep voice I recognized came to hear. “Don’t hide your pretty face, Sihyeon.” It always must be Taehyung who is always alone with me. All until yesterday. I was suffocating under the covers because of the lack of oxygen, but I don’t want to see Taehyung right now.

His hand came to remove it, revealing my face whose eyes were shut really tight. Then he brushed the stray hairs away from my forehead. I cracked one eye open to see him staring back at me. Startled, I quickly turned to my side in which my back was facing him. My face was scrunched up in embarrassment.

Feeling warmth on my bare stomach, he rubbed small circles making me bite my lip in exaction. It feels like he was so needy. Needy for me. I mentally shook my head in disapproval. Taehyung’s breath landed on the crook of my neck, blowing softly making me shiver and leaving goosebumps trailing all over my body. Unconsciously, my hand wrapped around his wrist and I led him to my lower region, passing by the waistband of my miniskirt. He locked gazes until I felt his fingers curl against the thin fabric. My grip tightened around his wrist as he slyly smirked at my sensual expression. Taehyung rubbed my sensitive nub and my legs clamped together with pleasure as my hands gripped the collar of his shirt as if I was going to give him a death threat.

“Damn, Taehyung…,” I breathed out. This was the first time I was actually venturing to do it. It led satisfaction to myself and him. He slyly smirked down at my defenseless shape. Taehyung really loves being dominant over me.

“Please, don’t stop.”
Holy shit, I feel like hitting myself after editing this story right now. It was like a year ago since I wrote this chapter... [Bangtan Boys] [BTS] JHope and I'm like../ how tf did I manage to write all this...
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